Safety fast

4 10 2009

Vitaloni/Bertone ‘Stratos’ safety helmet




__A forgotten member of the Lancia Stratos family, the 1970’s Stratos safety helmet was not a Lancia product but was designed by Bertone just as the, now legendary, Championship winning rally car had been.

__Produced by Vitaloni in Turin, (Beinasco to be precise), the helmet was different to all that had gone before. Its ‘space age’ plastic shell incorporated a frontal intake to allow airflow inside the helmet, avoiding ‘misting up’ of the visor and was apparently formed to be easily stowed in the ample door pockets of the Lancia Stratos itself.





__The form of the futuristic, wrap around windscreen of the Lancia was successfully carried over into the shape of the helmet’s visor whilst the adhesive stripes on the rear echo the car’s rear window louvres. These repetitive stripes were a period trend and Bertone also employed them to form the characteristic side intakes of the Alfa Romeo Montreal.

__Italy continued its design excellence throughout the 1970’s, not only in the area of car design but also industrial and furniture design. It was a decade of discarding what had gone before and innovating towards a bolder future.





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