Perfect patina

11 10 2009
1950's OM Leoncino 'high roof'



__The OM Leoncino was produced from 1950 -1968. This particular ‘high roof’ example hasn’t moved an inch in more than 15 years, allowing it to develop a fascinating patina. Not much is known about the vehicle’s history but the heavy duty, bullet-proof tyres and round, tank-style roof hatch indicate possible military use.

– A film formed on the surface of a metal.
– The surface quality of an old object, caused by age and much handling.

__So advanced is the patina in this case that the vehicle is soon to be broken down. In most areas, the paint is literally ‘hanging’ from the heavily corroded, steel body panels.  The current owner is passionate about mechanics and will dismantle the drive train before disposing of the bodywork.







2 responses

17 10 2009

fascino da vendere

5 12 2009

Automobile zombie – almost surreal.
Great truck, very nice photographs!

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