Defender adventure: Turin-Nordkapp

30 10 2009

Low down up North


__After 21 days, 6000 miles driving the Land Rover Defender 90 and nearly 1000 miles covered on numerous ferries, our trip to the most Northern point in mainland Europe was complete. From the stunning, moon-like landscapes just North of Oslo to the cosmopolitan bustle of Helsinki, this epic journey provided a healthy dose of practical and personal challenges.

__Leaving Turin early on the Saturday morning, we headed through Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, breaching the arctic circle to reach Nordkapp, Europe’s Northern tip. Heading back through Finland, we explored the Russian border before returning to Northern Germany by Ferry.



A world, far from here...


__One of the few familiar reference points was the gradual transformation of day into night, a familiarity that gradually dwindled to nothing as we headed further and further North, into a land without darkness. Vast open spaces and dramatic perspectives consumed endless ribbons of asphalt that snaked across deserted baron landscapes, causing them to disappear into the vast canvas of sky.


Sheer distance makes our trusty Defender appear as a toy.


__Surprisingly comfortable on long motorway hauls, the Defender came into its own on the off-road trails hidden by the dense Finnish forests. Despite its compact outer dimensions the Defender provided both reliable transport and adequate accommodation for two of us and our luggage. Passing other Land Rovers during the journey provoked an exchange of hand waving and headlight flashing, a constant reminder of the legend that is Land Rover.





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