Mini mayhem

1 11 2009

Ready, steady, go!


__This convoy of classic Minis on the starting blocks at Turin’s Lingotto complex certainly captured the spirit of the original, 1969, Italian Job film.  Accompanied by their enthusiastic owners, the cars were lined up outside the Lingotto complex, once a thriving Fiat production plant. In the film, the roof-top test track was used to escape the local police in their Alfa Romeo Giulias.



The self preservation society


__There’s nothing ‘Mini’ about this, the 20th edition of the “Italian Job Run” European adventure. Any car featured in the original 1969 Italian Job film is eligible to join this fantastic fund raising event. Naturally the vast majority of participants are original Minis in search of locations once visited by Michael Caine and his accomplices.

__The run includes an exclusive opportunity to drive around the roof-top test track of the Lingotto Fiat factory in Turin and the Monza GP racing circuit, on the way to visiting the ancient city of Rome. The journey wouldn’t be complete without a police escort through London for the ‘heroes return’.


__For more information on the event:





One response

1 11 2009

Begli scatti cumpliment!!! hehehe

P.S. Il tipo nella 7° foto è il migliore!

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