15 12 2009


Strong, direct light emphasizes crisp 1980's lines.


__The pinnacle of understatement, the incredible BMW M5 was launched in 1984 as the fastest saloon car in the world. This, the first of what would become a legendary (and ongoing) BMW model, was a response to customer demands for a ‘4-door’ BMW M635 CSi, the high performance coupe with which this car shares its mechanical components.


Colour poured into interior by standard 80's screen-visor.


__Apart from a hand-full of examples, all E28 M5’s were hand built by BMW Motorsport in Garching, Germany. Individually crafting each of these cars meant that colour and trim combinations could be tailored to the clients’ requests. Every car was built, homologated and registered as a single vehicle type, not simply as a flagship model for the standard 5-series saloon.


Discrete badging the only clear hint to the untrained eye, that this is no ordinary '5'.


__So what we have here is somewhat of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a sober and elegant saloon car that, as well as holding its head high in the company car park, could also embarrass many so-called ‘supercars’ of the period.


The first series M5 means business from any angle.


__The example in these photos, (one of 588 European-spec cars), is finished in ‘Salmon Silver’ body colour and ‘half-height’ Buffalo leather interior trim in ‘Anthracite’. A total of 2145 examples were produced including the slightly less-powerful American-market cars. The (European-spec) 3453cc, in-line 6 cylinder engine with 286BHP, a modified version of the BMW M1 power-plant, provides violently relentless acceleration yet comfortable high speed cruising. The least one could ask from a true trans-continental express…


Sharp design and forward-leaning nose, icons of BMW style.





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15 12 2009

Both cars, M635 CSi as well the first series M5 that we see here, were faster on the legendary track “Nürburgring-Nordschleife”, as the contemporary Ferrari 328 GTB and the Porsche 911.

23 12 2009


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