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__As a child, Turin was the centre of my universe. Whilst school class-mates admired posters of ‘pin up’ girls proudly displayed on their bedroom walls my attention was (mostly) focused on the products of Turin’s legendary automotive design and coach-building industry or “carrozzerie”. My parents recall that from a very young age I was obsessed by cars and the culture surrounding them.

__Turin was already a reference point but from the late 1940’s, all known design boundaries were broken and new heights were rendered possible. Year after year, automotive sculptures or ‘dream cars’ attracted world wide attention, confirming Turin as the car design capital of the world. Such is the extent of professional expertise and experience found in Turin, the world’s car manufacturers continue to return whether it be for design creativity, engineering innovation or the precision art of prototype construction.

__Turin’s history in Automotive design, combined with an appreciation of Italian culture in general, is what brought me to live and work here several years ago. Through my own photographs, short ‘internet-friendly’ articles and a few illustrations “the streets of Turin” aims to transmit this passion, (not exclusive to Italian vehicles), from the very streets of Turin and beyond!

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